Meet the people behind the numbers

Measuring our service outcomes and calculating the social return on investment is important but at Crisis we never forget the people behind the numbers.

Invest in Crisis and you'll help people like:

  • HEALTH AND WELLBEING - When Mark’s mother passed away, he stopped working and soon lost everything and began to sleep rough. He attended Crisis, and, with support for his mental health, plus the companionship on offer, he built up the confidence to turn thing around.

  • EMPLOYMENT: Ian left his job to take care of his father, he soon lost his home and began sleeping on a friend’s sofa. At Crisis he found direction again, training in the kitchens at the Café from Crisis. Ian soon managed to find a job when Crisis put him in touch with a large retail company.

  • HOUSING: David was staying on his sister’s sofa, and felt the lowest he’d ever been, he found himself unable to get help from his local council despite health problems. He met with a Housing Coach at Crisis, and within a month, had found somewhere to call home.

  • EDUCATION - Jonathan is only 24 years old, and has already experienced homelessness. Through Crisis, he got involved in room renovation and tiling classes and was able to secure a place for a NVQ at a local college.

Meet the people who invest:

Mark's story