Crisis Skylight Centres

In the last 15 years homelessness has changed; there are fewer people on our streets, but there are still tens of thousands of people hidden in hostels, squats, run-down B&B’s or sleeping on friends' floors and sofas – they may have a roof over their head, but their problems haven’t gone away.

As homelessness has changed, so has our response.

Through Crisis Skylight, we have developed holistic services that tackle the root causes of homelessness; activity classes and counselling to improve health and wellbeing; education, training and employment services to help people back into work, and housing advice and access to decent permanent homes.

We opened the first centre in London in 2002, Newcastle in 2007, and Oxford in 2011. We started offering Skylight services in Birmingham and Edinburgh in 2010 and in Merseyside in 2011, and Bermondsey in 2012. We are now offering year round services in South Yorkshire and Coventry and Warwickshire.

And this is where you come in. We can only open and maintain Skylight centres and help more homeless people in more places across the UK in partnership with you.

Please become an Investor, help us achieve our ambitious goals and transform the lives of many thousands of people.

  • London

    Our first, biggest and award-winning centre, based in Spitalfields, East London
    Opened 2002

  • Newcastle

    Our second centre based in the heart of Newcastle, open for all homeless people in the North East
    Opened 2007

  • Oxford

    Our third centre based in the Old Fire Station in downtown Oxford. Serving the needs of homeless in the areas around Oxford.
    Opened 2011