Invest in homeless people and get a social return on your investment

Similar to a company selling shares, Crisis is selling Investment Units. But unlike shares, they can't be sold and there is no annual dividend or personal financial return on investment. However, by using the money to help homeless people, there is a social return on investment.

So, what is social return on investment?

Well, basically it's whatever financial savings society makes from your investment. For example, if we help someone find a home and a job, they won't need to claim benefits, plus they'll start paying taxes.

At Crisis, we measure our outcomes (numbers of people in work, housing, education, training, etc.) and we've have teamed up with the independent financial experts Oxford Economics to establish our social return.

How social return on investment works

For every £1 invested in Crisis, society saves £2.46. The social return on investment on £240 is £590.40. Invest now!

Since Ian joined Crisis, he:

  • Began training in the kitchens at Café from Crisis, doing what he loves
  • Started volunteering, and even became a kitchen leader at Crisis at Christmas
  • Was put in touch with a big retail company, where he managed to gain employment

“I’ve gone from having absolutely nothing to having everything. From where I was to where I am now, I feel like a millionaire”

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